Web Hosting

Creation-Forge makes its servers cluster available for the customers as part of Mutualized Hostings.
Our Web Design offers could be accompanied by the hosting option on our servers as a mutualized account.
These Mutualized Offers will be studied on a case-by-case basis with a la carte :

  • From 1Mo to 10Go space disk for your datas. (Daily back-up of datas)
  • Complete statistics of visits
  • Mysql Data Base - from 1 base to unlimited - Data Bases management on terminal or web interface.
  • Dynamic PhP language with a personalized additional modules (Extra Payment Systems, XSL transformation ...)
  • Personalized emails (yourname@yourcompany.com) - from 1 email to unlimited.
  • Technical support by email and telephone.
  • Maintenance and Surveillance.
Spiral Tribe Forum

Creation Forge Ltd hosts the forum of the English label Spiral Tribe. The forum uses the system phpBB. Aswell as hosting, Creation Forge offers advice on management of the platform.